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By admin
#368 When executing CMN Files with Player.exe, the execution is absolutely not reliable on Windows Server 2012 R2 (we have all our iSAT Servers on that Windows Server version according to company standards).
Not reliable means: The play of the script is stuck randomly or the cursor then jumping back and forth… and many times due to timeout set on Player.exe it fails finally to process correctly.
This makes this tool absolutely useless and not reliable at all. We strongly believe that this tool was not tested on this Windows platform and because of that, the scala screen / field / object IDs sometimes are not able to be identified by Automation Tool (the LOG files showing the fact that the Player is not able to SetFocus on a Field, etc.).

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By LaszloCseri
#369 Yes, this is unfortunately a bug in iSAT (iScala Automation Tool 1.4.3900), which is the latest available version of this tool yet.
We have reported this to Epicor as an issue and they confirmed this is a bug, so had been reported under Benjamin log number: 123984.
They are fixing this right now, will let you know once the new version of this tool is available on EpicWeb.