Adding EDI capability to iScala, creating, troubleshooting workflows
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By christelle
#691 Hello,
We use iScala 2.3 and we recently buy a GMAO software.
the purchase orders for maintenance service are entered in this system and we want them to transfer automatically in Scala. So we asked the suppplier to developp an interface.
I defined a Purchase Order File in Scala ( Menu "Purchase Order -> Miscellaneous -> Import Purchase Orders -> Define Purchase Order File")and I asked the supplier to provide us a text file with these specifications.
And It works well manually when I use the menu "Purchase Order -> Miscellaneous -> Import Purchase Orders -> Import Purchase Orders".
What I want to do is to setup a workflow in the service Connect to check if a file is created in a specified folder and to import it automatically. I had a look on the help and I asked to Epicor if they have some documentation on it and nothing.
Sorry for my English ;)
Thank you for your help