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By admin
#15 Within Sales Order Import:

How to import different delivery addresses as 00 for delivery customer when Sales Order Import function is used?

Important to know: There is no field code “”Delivery Address Code”” when you are Defining Transaction File for Sales Order Import.

To be able to import Delivery Addresses for Delivery customer you need to use Field Code 04 – Delivery Customer Code when you are defining the Transaction file.

Into the text file (import file) you need to put a special formula which is the following:


xxxxx = Delivery Customer Code
; = Special Function
yy = Delivery Address Code for Delivery Customer

#341 Hi Admin,

That's very useful information. We had been not aware of this, so we used SQL to do the trick to SL14 table. However this allows us to use the standard import routine to do the job ;)

By eTEK1
#346 Indeed interesting to know. I never used this either...
However I understand that you are not importing into SL14, but use existing records from SL14 to import into sales order delivery address table OR04...

As far as I know there is no standard import for Customer delivery addresses (SL14).