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By YBastian
#383 Hi,

We have several iScala servers. There are having same environmnet, such as OS (Win 2008 R2), SQL (2008 R2) and HF (iScala 2.3 SR3 HF 14460). However, I found different behavior when user convert un-authorized invoice into invoice (PL Invoice or PO Invoice). Case A below occured on on Server 1 and 2; and Case B on Server 3 & 4. We monitor the record update trhough SQL trace/profiler.

Case A. When we enter unauthorized invoice, PL03 is update with a Transaction Number. When we enter that invoice (from PL-Invoice or PO-Invoice) and start press enter on field W.hold Tax, the table PL03 is already updated - but transaction number become blank. When we later select Accept Entry, the records remains in PL03. When you otherwise select Cancel Entry, the record in PL03 with original transaction number is restored.

In Case B, the behavior is different. No update in PL03 during enter the invoice until you select Accept Entry. When we choose to Accept the Entry, then all the data is updated correctly, including the transaction number.

Anyone can give me advice - what could be the possible reason for those different behaviour?

/Y Bastian