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By MariusYung
#693 is it possible to locate a SQL field that for a Sales Order Total Amount.?
And we need to create a preprint Invoice form from Sales Order.
How can I confirm the Sales Order amount before print invoice?

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By LaszloCseri
#695 Hi Marius,

It is possible, but only with calculation. You have to take into account the dicounts, etc. :shock:
Refer to the below to identify the fields you need on the SO Line (Open SOs):

Code: Select allselect * from SCA_TAB_COLUMNS where TABLE_NAME = 'OR03'

I would recommend to use a Proforma Invoice or if you have the VBA Developer licensed to use a customization, taking printing a kind of "Proforma Invoice" out from Order Confirmation or Delivery Note with updating the Language Code from 0 to 1 and so you will have to design a Crystal Report with a Document Code 01 in addition to look like a Proforma Invoice. With this approach you can use all the standard calculated DDF codes, etc. within Crystal itself. The same we have developed already and works well. ;)

Let me know, which approach you like more.

Thanks and Best Regards,