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#306 Dear All,

Just wanted to share with you my experience about converting from iScala 2.2 SR2 to iScala 3.0.
First of all I was relying on the vendor's documentation in regards of the conversion procedure.
What everyone would do is to download the first main release of iScala 3.0 and the today's last one, right?
So I decided to prevent one step and just to run the iScala Database Converter from the latest HotFix installation package.
Very wrong decision! :twisted: Why?
The conversion resulted at least 49 errors for the ScaSystemDB database! (Of course the SeverityMargin was set to 0).
Then it started to convert the 01 company and here it failed completely and the conversion stopped completely.
After analysing the log files, we came to the conclusion that it cannot convert properly the UDDBs because of a duplicate ID (SCA_TAB_COLUMNS table!).
Anyway, we agreed that it cannot be like that, we need to start the whole conversion from scratch.

So the backup had been restored for the two DBs and this time we have taken a different approach.
The Converter we used this time was from the iScala 3.0 Base Release installation package.
baseconverter.png (1.05 KiB) Viewed 3328 times

In exactly the same way we started the conversion and look what happened, the whole conversion was running without any issue and errors!
As the next step we executed then the Converter from the last HotFix installation package and it converted the ScaSystemDB and CompanyDB without any issue!

So lesson learned very well: Do NOT run the Scala Database Converter tool from any HotFix package, just from the base 3.0 release! Then you have to run the same procedure on the latest HotFix level as well. Result: Correct conversion.

Unfortunately this is again a bug in this application :shock: so we have to be careful about this.
You can save lot of time and nerves if you follow my steps.

Best Regards,