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#313 Warehouse Field on the Sales Order Head

When in PR entering a Material Activity Line on a SO the W/Hse is not coming from the Customer record.

When directly in Enter/Adjust SO the w/hse value comes from the Customer Master Record, but when in SO via PR Enter Project Material Activity the W/Hse is defaulting to the Main W/Hse.


It is important to understand what affects the initial value of warehouse field on the Order Head in Sales Order.

1. If the Sales Order Parameter Switch "Information from Delivery Customer" is set to "No", the Warehouse comes from the Invoicing Customer. If it is set to "Yes", the information will only come from the Delivery Customer only if one is explicitly entered. If the "DA" option is used, the Warehouse will still come from the Invoicing Customer.

2. There are two places in the Customer files from which the Warehouse may come. The first is the Customer file, field SL01098, which is labelled "Warehouse" on Screen 8. The other is the Customer Delivery address file, field SL14009. When you create a Customer, Screen 2 shows address 00 for the Customer. You can avoid creating it if you PgDn over that screen, but it will be created if you enter anything in it.

3. When you enter a Sales Order directly, the first Warehouse address you see is the Default Warehouse set in the SC parameters. When you enter the Invoice Customer you see SL14009 for Delivery Address 00 of that Customer, if it exists, otherwise you see SL01098. If you enter an actual Delivery Customer and the Parameter Switch is set, you see SL01098 for the Delivery Customer (never SL14009), otherwise the Warehouse does not change.

4. When a Sales Order is entered from Project Management, the Ordering Customer and Invoice Customer are taken from the Project and you cannot change them. When you get to the Delivery Customer field, however, the Warehouse field on the Order Head is not set to SL14009 for Delivery Address 00 of the Invoicing Customer, but to SL01098 for that Customer if the Parameter Switch is No or to SL01098 of the Delivery Customer if there is a Delivery Customer and the Parameter Switch is set to Yes. This is the first part of the bug. The second part is that it does not change if the Parameter Switch is set to Yes and if you set the Delivery Customer to DA or blank it out.

5. Even if the Parameter Switch is set to No, you can force a change of Warehouse using the <Customer Code>;<Delivery Address Number> construct in the Delivery Address field, but this happens when directly entering a Sales Order, too, so is not a bug.

6. It is true that there is a Warehouse field, OR04009, in the OR temporary delivery address file but not one in the PR temporary delivery address file PR15, but this is a red herring when an explicit delivery customer has been entered, and also is irrelevant to picking up the wrong warehouse from the Invoicing Customer.