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#319 Transport Document Number


On all the DDF's for transport documents you can enter a code, <3>, for document number.
I can't find the "place" Scala is getting this information from.


The DDF Code is <03>, not <3>. I don't think Scala can process single-digit DDF Codes.

You are presumably referring to the Finnish version of the Transport Document programs, OR0073 and OR0074. (The standard programs are OR0070, OR0071 and OR0072.) You need to make sure OR0073 is on your menu; it will like to OR0074 to print the actual documents.

When you enter program OR0073 you will see a radio button menu. In English the options are:

1. Set up of Transport Document
2. Printout Transport Document
3. Printout Address Label
4. Printout Postal Address
5. Printout Postal C.O.D.
6. Printout General Parcel
7. Printout TNT Parcel Service
8. Printout Securicor Parcel
10. Transport Document Parameters

Select option 1 and you will be asked for the transport document number. The English Help Text for this field says:

Enter transport document number. [Enter] gives you the next number from the

The counter referred to is in SY68ccXX.DAT and has the ID "OR93".

After entering the document number you may enter up to 8 order numbers for this document. These are stored in the file OR92cc00.DAT which is keyed on document number. After entering the order numbers you are taken to the screens for the entry of other information for the document, which is stored in the same record of OR92cc00.DAT, and you then have the opportunity to create further documents.

On returning to the radio button menu and selecting on of the other options, you have to enter a range of documents numbers. These may be distinguished from one another on the printout by means of DDF Code <03>, which prints the document number.